What goes here

by Jeremy Brock

The content of this blog will consist mostly of posts that would make people’s eyes glaze over and/or earn a ‘TL;DR’ tag if I posted them on the Book of Faces. Topics will most likely fall into one or more of these categories, in no particular order of probability:

  • Music: Particularly DIY music on acoustic instruments. I play a pretty fair cross-section of those, and a few electric ones into the bargain, and am quick to recommend that anyone with the slightest inclination learn to play at least one.
  • Photography: Analog and digital. Given the choice and the time, I prefer the former, but the latter is also a legitimate art form and is far more convenient. (Provided our technological infrastructure remains intact. That’s another axe I like to grind occasionally.)
  • Guns: I own them. I shoot them. I review them. I have strong opinions regarding any legislation or regulation that touches on my right to do all of the above. I do not, as a rule, spend a great deal of time or energy expressing those opinions, and I see little point in debating them with people who disagree.
  • Knives: Arguably humanity’s second-oldest tool after the hammer. Notice I said tool. Yes, they can be used as weapons, but I very much dislike the idea of doing so. Remember what the first category of post in this list was? Yeah. I’m really attached to my fingers, and would prefer to remain so. Secondly, as a knifemaker friend of mine once said: The ‘winner’ of a knife fight is the one who dies second. That having been said, it’s fascinating that such a simple theme as the knife gives rise to virtually infinite variations.
  • Current events and social trends: Infrequently, and with due caution. Both of these slop over too easily into politics (and religion, assuming for the sake of argument that there’s a clearly defined difference). Of course I have political opinions, but because they don’t reduce to a convenient set of slogans I seldom express them outside the metaphorical voting booth.
  • Crafts and skills: Everything from computer programming to flintknapping; basically, whatever catches my eye. That covers a lot of territory, thanks to a notorious (lack of) attention span.
  • Outdoor activities: Especially sailing, rowing, kayaking, and cycling.
  • Critters: In general. The world is full of ’em.
  • Cats: After all, this is the internet.

Finally, anything else that occurs to me and seems worth posting is likely to wind up here.